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The Plant-Based Chef and Legend Katy Rosa shows us how to create delicious meals that even meat eaters will enjoy.


In her interactive cooking classes, Chef Katy invites you to cook along in your kitchen as she cooks in hers. No worries if you can't cook with her - all classes are recorded and sent digitally upon completion.

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Self-paced courses designed to help you on your journey to implementing more plants into your diet. Our courses enable you to learn the why and how of healthy living.



Chef Katy shares the fan favorites in a variety of her e-cook book offers. From the protein swaps, to the kid pleasers, to elegant dining - you're sure to find a book that calls to you.

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Meet the chef and owner

Katy Rosa

I grew up eating the traditional American diet in a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA. After high school, I continued my education in Nutrition. I quickly realized this path was not for me when feelings of sadness were creeping in when consulting a patient of their poor dietary choices.

Having a passion for the natural world brought me back to the books to study Environmental Science, where I discovered the connection between our diets and the health of our environment.

My journey to plant-based, holistic living began in 2016 as a result of the knowledge I gained through my studies.

My husband, José and I created Everest Eats, a plant-based meal delivery and catering company in 2019 to create accessibility to plant-based foods and contribute to creating a healthier community and a more sustainable future for my kids and yours.

Our business took a pivot in 2022, when we outpaced our growth and were unable to find a place to continue operations after our lease ended. Though discouraging at the time, I now have a deeper understanding of why my path led me in this direction.

Shortly after discontinuing our operations, my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. I began devouring the medical journals in an attempt to uncover the truth behind why so many people, including my dad, were being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the list goes on.

I discovered that many of these health conditions are a result of the lifestyle choices we make, and therefore if we had the wisdom of how to create change in our daily lives, we would get to hold on to those beautiful souls that much longer.

I became empowered and deeply interested in the mind-body connection and how our habits, thoughts, beliefs, nutrition, and environmental exposures influence our health outcomes.

It became my mission and purpose to empower others to take control of their health through resource-based online courses, cooking classes, and recipe books.

My picky eater kids AND carnivorous husband devour Everest Eats recipes! I have tried so many vegan recipes on Pinterest but Everest Eats recipes are the only ones that my kids and husband get into! Plus! I have zero belly discomfort or bloat after eating these recipes and my guess is because everything is made with whole ingredients

Sarah C.