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Why Are We Crowdfunding?

We are raising funds to execute the build out of our commercial / classroom kitchen as a means to scale our culinary medicine to reach a greater audience. Our kitchen will serve as a place for us to scale our food as well as a place for our community to gather and learn how to prepare and implement plant-based foods into their lives. We will open our doors to teach children about sustainability and cooking with plant-based foods, as well as adults. We plan to open all of our classroom sessions digitally so that we can have a greater reach and make an impact worldwide. 

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A Dedication to our Children

Everest Eats was created as a dedication to our children, Everest and Denali, and all future generations.

We believe we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a clean and sustainable environment not only for them but for all species on this planet. We believe that adopting a plant-based lifestyle permanently or infrequently is one of the greatest ways that we can strive towards giving future generations a chance to see the world as it was created and not just the remains of how it looked when we were through with it.

We are Everest Eats. We are a family owned plant-based meal delivery company operated by a loving married couple,

José and Katy. 

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